Air Conditioning Service Devon

If you require an air conditioning service Devon, Honiton and across the South West, make CoolHeat Southwest Ltd your first call. We offer a speedy response to meet all your requirements. With our highly skilled and knowledgeable staff, you can rest assured we will provide an efficient 24/7 service. Moreover, we offer our quality services for competitive prices. As well as air conditioning servicing and maintenance, our experts can also perform reliable servicing checks on your refrigeration system. 

Arrange refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance by calling us today on 01404 831479.

Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Repair

We are fully certified to offer air conditioning and refrigeration repair for a range of commercial and domestic air conditioning systems and commercial refrigeration units. Furthermore, our skilled engineers take pride in offering a speedy response time and repair service for faulty air conditioning systems. Just a few of the issues with your air conditioning we resolve include:

  • Leaking gas
  • Leaking water
  • Bad odours
  • Poor performance
  • Reduced/loss of power
  • Dirty air vents/grilles
  • High energy bills
  • Inefficient cooling/heating

Why Maintain Your Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Equipment?

Are you wondering why you should bother maintaining your air conditioning systems? There are multiple reasons why you should ensure your air conditioning is running at its best. Over 75% of expensive refrigeration repairs are due to lack of maintenance, and there is a strong likelihood that breakdowns will occur during peak demand periods. Here are just a few more reasons as to why you should contact CoolHeat Southwest Ltd for an air conditioning service:

  • Reduce electricity costs – maintaining and servicing air conditioning reduces electrical consumption due to increased efficiency
  • Prevent expensive repairs – the pricey components of air conditioning should be inspected and maintained frequently to prevent unexpected failures
  • Be eco-friendly – the gases emitted from refrigerators damage the ozone extensively. In having your air-con regularly inspected, you can help prevent these gases from entering the atmosphere.
  • Comfort without hassle – During the summer/winter months especially, it’s great to know systems are ready to cope with extreme weather conditions, ensuring your comfort throughout the year.

Why Choose CoolHeat Southwest Ltd?

There are several reasons why you should make CoolHeat Southwest Ltd your No.1 choice for refrigeration and air conditioning maintenance in Honiton. From fully trained engineers and 70 years’ experience through to our 24/7 call-out service, we make for an unrivalled service. Just a few of the reasons you should make us your first call include:

  • We are affordable and reliable
  • We are a family business, and therefore, unlike larger companies, work closely with clients to ensure we meet specific requirements
  • Our company has 70 years’ collective experience
  • We have a refrigerator trailer for hire
  • Our service vehicles and workshop are fully equipped
  • 24 hours, 7 days a week, we offer an on-call service
  • We offer a site survey and full specification detail with no obligation

24/7 Call-Out Service

We offer a 24/7 call-out service to the whole of the South West, including Somerset, Dorset, Exeter, Plymouth and Bristol. Whether an air conditioning unit board or burnt out refrigeration fan motor, we can fix it.

F-Gas Regulations

Here at CoolHeat Southwest Ltd we can set up an annual maintenance and f-gas check to REFCOM and DEFRA regulations.

It is important that refrigeration and air conditioning system operators (of systems containing 3 kilograms or more of F gases) keep record of their equipment. These records need to specify each piece of equipment and include comprehensive detail. This detail includes the quantity and sort of F gas installed, the amount of F gas added, amount of F gas recovered via maintenance, servicing and final disposal. These records must also highlight the personnel or company that completed the maintenance or servicing, in addition to the dates. It should also specify results of leakage checks and leakage detection system checks.

We recommend customers keep copies of records on site as they need to be made available on request to the regulator and European Commission. If it has been identified that you are using F gas in one or more systems on your site, you will next need to discover the quantities of F gas in each system. The first thing you must do to establish the refrigeration charge in a system is to check any attached labels, then view the in-commissioning records or instruction manual. Lastly, you may be able to source information from the installation contractor or plant manufacturer.

To book an air conditioning service Devon, Honiton and all surrounding areas, get in touch with CoolHeat Southwest Ltd today by calling us on 01404 831479.

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