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Service, Maintenance & Installation

Refrigerated Trailer Hire

Why maintain your refrigeration?


More than 75% of costly refrigeration repairs are due to lack of maintenance, and a breakdown is more likely to happen during peak demand periods


Chilled storage without the worry!


In summer/winter months it’s nice to know that your well-maintained system is ready and able to deal with the peak demand, keeping your products chilled all year round.


Prevent costly repairs!


Your refrigeration equipment consists of costly components that should be inspected and maintained to avoid an unexpected failure


Reduction in electricity costs!


By maintaining and servicing your refrigeration equipment, your keeping it at its peak condition, the electrical consumption is less because its not working as hard.


Looking out for our planet!


Refrigeration gases are one of the biggest contributors to damaging our ozone. By having regular inspections we as a team can work together to prevent these gases from leaking out.





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