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Service, Maintenance & Installation

Air Conditioning: 

Service, Maintenance & Installation

Refrigerated Trailer Hire

CoolHeat SouthWest Ltd offers a range of air-conditioning solutions for a range of commercial and domestic environments, across the South West.



- Professional service with projects of any size.



- Designed by CoolHeat Southwest skilled engineers backed up by years of knowledge in the trade, we can provide a free design for your projects.


Technical knowledge

- Technologies are changing and we keep up with these technologies by attending courses for every new product launch from our chosen manufacturers.


Knowing the equipment

- Equipment selection is very important for any project. Big heat reclaim systems, multi splits, twin splits, splits and heat pump boilers so you can use the rejected heat for a wet system or just space heating/cooling. we want to give you the product that is right for the job.


Replacement technologies

- With government legislation phasing out some refrigerant gases, we can help you save money,by using the latest technologies, but still use all interconnecting pipe works and cabling, where possible.


F-gas checks and maintenance

- We can set up an annual maintenance and f-gas check to the refcom and defra regulations.


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